Video: Orca Tries to Steal Hooked Salmon

British Columbia Anglers Get Personal with Giant Whale

Orca Pursues Hooked Salmon

Orca Pursues Hooked Salmon

Courtesy Sund's Lodge

The enewsletter from Sund's Lodge at Malcolm Island in British Columbia, Canada, says "not sure you saw it (this video) when we posted it in August." Indeed, I did not. If I had I would have shared it then, cause this is pretty cool. I've heard of sea lions, dolphins and, of course, sharks stealing fish from anglers' lines, but orcas?

Well, apparently, this is not unprecedented. A search for “orca stealing salmon” turned up two more videos besides this one, below.

I have seen orcas leap high out of the water, so I’m not sure I would have had the courage to continue videotaping this experience. But I’m glad the folks on the boat did. (Be forewarned: coarse language included.)