Airmar What’s Below Your Boat Contest

Save your chirp screenshots now and enter Nov. 1!
Airmar Chirp Sonar Contest Intro
Save your best chirp screenshots now! Courtesy of Airmar Technology

Airmar Technology, one of today’s top transducer makers, and Sport Fishing want to know just how much your chirp transducer has improved your fishing success.

Start saving your chirp screenshots now! And then, throughout the month of November, visit our Facebook page — — enter your coolest, funkiest chirp screenshots, tell us which transducer model you use, and describe in a few sentences how chirp has changed your fishing. In early December, we’ll choose the winner! The prize package includes a $200 Huk Gear gift certificate and a Shimano Twin Power 14000 spinning reel, worth $619.99.

Caveat: You must have an Airmar transducer to enter.


How to find out what transducer you have: Check the plug end of the cable from the transducer. Every Airmar chirp transducer features a tag that provides the part number. Or, find settings on the main menu of your sounder. Each manufacturer differs in its user interface, but generally, the transducer tab/option page will list what transducer is attached.

How to take a screenshot: In the main settings menu of your display unit, ensure that the screenshot option is enabled. Remember to insert a memory card into the unit’s card slot. Follow the manufacturer’s instruction for which buttons to push to take and save the screen image.

Our Facebook page will carry contest-entry details starting November 1. After that time, enter as many shots as you’d like and win!

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Airmar wants to know how chirp has improved your fishing success! Courtesy of Airmar Technology