Airmar Ultrawide-Beam Chirp Transducers

Designed for tournament competition, these 2kW units offer a 40-degree beam width.

Airmar's ultrawide beam 2kW transducersCourtesy of Airmar Technology

Airmar Technology now offers two new ultrawide-beam chirp-ready 2 kW transducers that were designed specifically for sport-fishing ­applications such as tournament competition. These units are available in pocket-mount or through-hull versions; they provide nearly triple the coverage under the boat as previous models, with a 40-degree beam width that equates to 440 feet of coverage in 600 feet of water. The transducers offer a low-frequency range of 40 to 60 kHz and a medium range of 80 to 130 kHz. The PM411LWM (pocket-mount, $4,987) and R409LWM (through-hull, $5,587) also install easily because they match up to existing PM111, R109 and CM599 templates.