Smashing Topwater Strikes! 10 Hot-Action Fishing Videos

Watch redfish, striped bass, giant trevally, even amberjack blow up on topwater baits, flies and plugs.

Can anyone watch a topwater fish strike and not feel immediately jazzed? The eruption of white water and that vicious thump on the bait thrill us with primal aggression. Wherever you are on the planet, you can find a willing species. In these 10 videos I culled from YouTube, you'll see everything from bluefish, stripers and redfish to jack species like giant trevally, yellowtail (kingfish) and Samson fish demolish baits, often exploding multiple times until the hookup.

1. Serious bull reds come to the party for Beattie Outdoor Productions!

2. Cape Cod Sportsmen charters slams the bluefish and stripers.

3. Game Fishing India prowls for giant trevally at the Andaman Islands.

4. Youngsters fishing a marsh creek in Georgia come across a surprise bull red!

5. What looks to be a cellphone video captures an amberjack strike on topwater.

6. The Average Angler Fishing Adventures videotaped this Samson fish strike in Western Australia. (Note: PE8 is 80-pound braid.)

7. Yellowtail (kingies) in New Zealand slam plugs for this Shimano Fishing New Zealand crew.

8. The laughter and excitement from these Northeast anglers is contagious.

9. Capt. Bryce Michel shows off the south Louisiana marsh action out of Cocodrie.

10. Capt. Paul Peluso takes some Gibbs plugs out to tempt Northeast bluefish and stripers.