Yamaha Releases New App and Website for Outboard Owners

MyYamahaOutboards allows you to track your engine’s service, find dealers, house trip data, access tutorials and more.

August 6, 2021
Logon screen for the Yamaha app
This image shows the logon screen for the app on a mobile device. The companion website allows Yamaha owners to access their engine records on a laptop. Courtesy Yamaha Marine

Yamaha owners now have a new tool in their box to keep their engines healthy, track ownership, log trips, and more — the MyYamahaOutboards app (available free in iOS and Android app stores). The app’s companion website,, provides the same interface on a laptop.

Once owners register their outboards — whether purchased new or used — through an authorized dealer, they have access to the full suite of features. The system provides the outboard’s history and maintenance requirements and reminds owners of recommended service. Owners who prefer DIY can create maintenance charts in the system and add notes, photos and receipts.

“There’s a great deal of benefit in having all completed outboard service intervals recorded in one succinct platform with an authorized Yamaha outboard dealer,” says Frank Wilhelm, advertising and digital marketing manager, Yamaha Marine Engine Systems. “In addition, owners can use this important maintenance history report to enhance confidence and potentially increase value when they are ready to resell their current boat and buy a new one.”

Dealerships list on the Yamaha app
The app allows you to find nearby dealerships, important if you’re on the road, as well as resources to help you keep your outboard healthy. Chris Woodward / Sport Fishing

Other features include a library of content — including owner’s manuals, video tutorials and performance bulletins — a dealer-locater feature, convenient checklists for trip preparation as well as trip logging.

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The system can store information, including accumulated engine hours, and photos for multiple boats and outboards per user. Owners can select preferred dealerships and marinas and initiate calls through the app. For boats with multiple outboards, owners can set specific positions for each.


When the owner sells the boat or outboard, the information stays with the engine. A new owner can create a MyYamahaOutboards account and access the records (minus any personally identifiable information added by the previous owner.)

Visit to learn more. View the video below to get started with the app.

Courtesy Yamaha Marine


Yamaha says its owners set the tone and the need for the new app. This video helps explain the available features.


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