Air Dryers Dehumidify Boat Cabins and Consoles

Reduce moisture and control mold and mildew with marine air dryers.

Air dryers can help keep boat interiors dry.West Marine

When a console interior or cabin remains closed for any length of time, it can develop spots of mildew and mold, as well as a musty smell, due to condensation. Leaving such a space open to air it out can prove impractical because a sudden rain might leave it wetter still. Fortunately, there are simple devices to help keep boat interiors dry. For example, the Davis Air Dryr (­available in two sizes, starting at about $70), the Golden Rod ­Dehumidifier (three sizes, starting at about $29) and West Marine’s Air Dryer with Fan (about $100) use 120-volt AC power to dry air in confined spaces. Star brite’s No Damp Ultra Dome (about $18.50) and the Marykate Moisture ­Control Bag (about $30) use absorbent crystals to draw moisture from the air.