Ways to Eliminate Smelly Boat Consoles and Cabins

Two ways to eliminate odors from boat cabins and consoles.

Easily keep your boat's cabin smelling fresh.Courtesy Meguiar's, Bounce

Does your cabin or console interior sometimes take on an odoriferous nature? I know that the small cabin on my boat does. It's usually from mildew odors that originate in the bilge but somehow waft inside. Or, sometimes a crewmember forgets a smelly jacket that quickly ripens. It's good to crack open a hatch or companionway to occasionally ventilate the interior (make sure there's no rain in the forecast). In addition, I like to use dryer sheets, such as those from Bounce (about $2 for a 34-sheet box). I tuck a handful inside the cabin, and when I open the door after a few days, it smells fresh. You can also use Meguiar's Boat/RV Air Refreshers. You set off these little aerosol bombs inside, then come back a few hours later to a sweet-smelling cabin. The refreshers cost about $20 for a twin pack.