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YETI’s Offshore Blue 20 oz Travel Mug

Make YETI's 20oz Tumbler a part of your next successful day on the flats.

Angler with YETI’s Offshore Blue 20 oz Travel Mug
YETI’s Offshore Blue 20 oz Travel Mug Courtesy YETI

Most inshore enthusiasts are impulse buyers when it comes to tackle. New lures, color variations, and sizes lighten the wallet and bloat tackle bags to black drum proportions. But in reality, a handful of select baits and terminal gear will catch every gamefish prowling the shallows. With storage space limited on flats boats and skiffs, the ability to pack those items into a compact, durable container such as the YETI 20-ounce Tumbler is an added bonus. Not to mention, their unique line of angler inspired ramblers means the perfect YETI fishing companion is ready to be emblazoned with your favorite design. Here’s the recommended shopping list to fill your YETI:

1. Direct connection

Peel several feet each of 15-, 20- and 30-pound-test monofilament or fluorocarbon leader from a spool, and store it coiled in a folded, zip-close sandwich bag. That’s more than enough for several changes, even accounting for mangroves, and will handle the wary to raspy.

2. Full circle

Hookup ratios are better with circles, and thin-wire hooks can be used with shrimp, baitfish or nose-hooked through jerkbaits for weedless presentations.

3. Get jiggy

A couple of jig heads in 1/8- or 1/4-ounce sizes (or weighted swimbait hooks) complete plastic baits. Red or plain lead finishes are traditional, but if it ain’t chartreuse, it’s no use.

4. Buoyant hair

You could probably settle for either a single 1/4-ounce white or grizzly bucktail jig rattling around inside the Tumbler, and you’ll be set all day.

5. Metallic crabs

Gold or silver, take your pick; a weedless 3/8-ounce spoon slowly retrieved across the bottom is deadly on multiple species. Add a ball-bearing swivel with a split ring to minimize line twist.

6. Plastic fantastic

A mixed bag of soft-plastic shad tails or jerkbaits will fool countless targets. Split the pack between light and dark colors, and you’re ready for anything.

7. Shrimp scampi

No skinny-water gamefish will turn down a juicy shrimp imitation. Go with opaque, gold glitter or root-beer patterns—depending on water clarity—and dinner is served.

8. Walk the dog

Nothing beats a surface explosion on a darting, rattling topwater plug, and if it’s white with a red head, it’s even more irresistible to speckled trout, redfish, snook and tarpon.

9. Cover the column

A suspending hard-plastic plug in chrome or olive/pearl twitched slowly above a pothole or trough is too enticing for lurking predators.

10. Add some noise

Don’t forget to stuff a foam popping or clacker cork with beads into that YETI Tumbler. Used in combination with fake shrimp or the real thing, the commotion draws ’em into the strike zone.

11. Get the point

A small file doesn’t take up much room, and it’s critical for keeping a hook point honed for good penetration.

12. Tool time

A line nipper tool or compact scissors makes rerigging easy, and the scissors pull double duty for modifying plastic baits.

Plan accordingly and pack wisely, and your YETI 20-ounce Tumbler will make a handy receptacle. Explore YETI’s angler inspired line now and be ready to store all the essentials necessary for your next successful day on the flats.