Protect the Blue: Faces of Conservation in the Florida Keys – Marathon

Cindy Lewis of Keys Marine Lab explains the importance of healthy reefs in fisheries.

Diving, snorkeling, boating, and fishing are all daily occurrences in Marathon. Anglers know Marathon for its variety of fishing, both offshore and inshore. Around Marathon’s reefs, life abounds. The reefs in the Florida Keys are under attack amongst rising water temperature and human impact. Cindy Lewis of Keys Marine Lab, a coral recovery center, shares how important these reefs are to all fisheries. Without a vital and vibrant reef that attracts fish, this eco system could become nonexistent. Keys Marine Lab is a hub for marine science, academics and students around the world. Plans for a major expansion are underway after a long 75 year history. This coral comeback will take time but the Keys Marine Lab is an important part of the story.