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Lightweight But Heavy Duty

G.Loomis GCX Inshore and IMX-Pro Blue rods combine light weight with impressive strength.

G.Loomis fishing rod
GCX Inshore and IMX-Pro Blue rods are designed for strength and power without making sacrifices. Courtesy G.Loomis

The sheer diversity of skinny-water flats and nearshore depths requires specialized gear to take full advantage of the bounty. Savvy anglers are well-prepared with an assorted arsenal, and G. Loomis adds to the available rod quiver with several new options featuring advanced manufacturing technologies.

G. Loomis’ GCX INSHORE and IMX-PRO BLUE series are both crafted using the company’s proprietary Multi-Taper Design technology. In this process, a series of “micro tapers” within the overall taper of the rod reinforce potential stress points while also reducing unneeded material in other sections of the blank. The result is a lighter weight without compromising strength and durability. 

The first tier of rods utilizing the Multi-Taper Design is the GCX INSHORE series. The GCX lineup includes 11 spinning and three casting models to handle any inshore scenario. Each is expertly rigged with Fuji reel seats, solid premium cork grips and SeaGuide guide trains. Aquamarine thread wraps and accents highlight the blanks. 

The premium IMX-PRO BLUE rod line has also been augmented to include the new innovations. Seven new IMX-PRO BLUE rods expressly tailored for the techniques and species of southeastern coastlines offer the Multi-Taper Design characteristics too. Lightweight with plenty of run-stopping backbone, the selection comes in favorite rod lengths and power ratings with purpose-built designs for anglers tossing lures or live bait for a gamut of gamefish. Like the GCX INSHORE series, the new IMX-PRO BLUE actions are designed for strength and power without sacrificing casting prowess or sensitivity. 

“Multi-Taper Design gives the G. Loomis IMX-PRO BLUE family unprecedented power for rods that are light and comfortable enough to cast all day,” explains Capt. Mike Holliday, a longtime southeast Florida light-tackle guide. “These rods are reinforced at all the stress points so you can really lean on big fish and move them. That’s a quality you don’t normally find in lightweight rods that cast so well.”

Standard IMX-PRO BLUE components include Fuji K-Frame guide trains to enhance casting distance and reduce wind knots. Fuji reel seats and premium cork handles are also standard features. 

So, whether you’re a redfish tourney competitor, a beach tarpon fanatic or plug the mangrove shorelines for snook, G. Loomis has the right rod for your passion. gloomis.com

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