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Get More Days on the Water With the New Shoxs Helmcaster X4 Suspension Seats by Allsalt Maritime

Get more days on the water with the new Shoxs Helmcaster X4 suspension seats by Allsalt Maritime.

Dave Phillips, a fifth-generation outdoorsman who makes it his life’s work to share his passion for hunting, fishing, and farming while pursuing his professional life as a real estate and land use lawyer, speaks to the benefits of putting shock mitigating seats on his boat.

In the summer months, Dave runs a small day-boat style commercial tuna fishing company for the local fresh markets off the Oregon and Washington coasts. He routinely runs miles offshore in his 28’ Grady White, in all kinds of weather and sea conditions, and for this reason he recently swapped his helm chairs out for two Shoxs Helmcaster X4 shock mitigating seats by Allsalt Maritime.

“These seats really protect my back and legs from the constant pounding, and I’ve noticed we’re able to stay out longer. The ride out to the fishing grounds isn’t nearly as exhausting as it used to be,” Dave said. “Anyone who travels long distances on the water needs to put shock-mitigating seats on their boats – it makes a world of difference.”

Learn more about the Shoxs Caster Series suspension seats by Allsalt Maritime.

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