Watch Sharks, Whales and Eagles Steal Anglers' Fish in 10 Nail-Biting Videos

Feast your eyes on these clips of thieving predators in action

Don’t blink or you’ll miss it, but the split second image (at about 42 seconds) is worth seeing as a large bull shark leaps from the opaque green water to snatch a redfish just as it’s about to be netted from a dock in South Carolina.

Speaking of bull sharks, check out this monster estimated at 1,000 pounds!

Watch two bull sharks devastate a hooked tarpon in short order, churning the water red next to a center console as the angler helplessly tries to pull the fish away. (Warning: you may want to mute this, or you’ll want to throttle the idiot who seems to think this is the funniest thing he’s ever seen.)

A very close and very sudden encounter with the huge black-and-white form of an orca coming up out of nowhere to sample a halibut that an angler is reeling up next to the boat. We'll never know if the killer whale finished its meal or not.

Often northern Australia’s Cape York Peninsula, anglers had their shot at a large narrowbarred Spanish mackerel (similar to the Atlantic’s kingfish), but after missing with the gaff, a very agile shark (probably some species of whaler) darts in out of nowhere and it’s game over for mackerel and anglers. Last words heard: “Bloody sharks!”

A hammerhead the size of a boat relentlessly pursues a large tarpon as anglers try desperately to save the fish.

So you’ve fought your catch to the boat and it’s IN THE NET, so it’s yours right? Not if a gimongous sea lion (outweighing you several times over) decides it his. This is one ballsy pinniped: check it out!

Another nice yellowfin attacked right next to the kayak. In his haste to try to get his tuna before the shark can (he ultimately gets part of the fish) the shocked angler nearly drops his rod into the water.

This video lasts 12-seconds ... that’s as long as it takes a bald eagle to swoop down and grab the fish. Then just listen to that drag sing!

Where there are tarpon, there are usually sharks. Watch an angler hand-feed an enormous hammerhead the chunk of a big tarpon that sharks hadn’t already munched.

Okay, I admit that I had to check this out in part based on the title, “Shark Eats a Angler Fish.” The result is bizarre and truly frightening. Warning: If you watch it, you WILL have nightmares. Best comment: “That was the most amazing piece of cinematic brilliance I've ever seen.”