Behemoth Bull Shark Caught in Florida Keys

A University of Miami scientist and his team recently battled to their research vessel a bull shark enormous enough to clearly dwarf its captors.

Massive bull shark

Magnificent specimen of bull shark, one of the world's most dangerous species, caught in Florida Keys was estimated to weigh 1,000 pounds.Emma Smith/333productions

A University of Miami scientist, with assistance, recently managed to bring alongside his research vessel and tag an enormous bull shark, estimated at 1,000 pounds.

In a report at, Dr. Neil Hammerschlag, who spends a great deal of time catching sharks on baited hand lines in order to tag them, told ouramazingplanet that it's one of the largest bull sharks he's seen.

Hammerschlag pulled up the behemoth bull over shallow reefs in the Florida Keys.

He points out that populations of many large shark species are in trouble worldwide, though some fishermen (see comments below the article) believe bulls —among the world's most dangerous sharks — are in fact quite abundant. Some anglers target them as a game fish in the Keys.