VIDEO: Wahoo Fishing at Alijos Rocks

The wahoo bite is fast and furious for long-range fishermen.

Way off the coast of Baja Mexico, the Alijos Rocks jut out of the Pacific Ocean, attracting wahoo, yellowtail and yellowfin tuna. Watch how quickly a wahoo bite happens on the San Diego long-range boat Royal Star. The video starts when anglers cheer out and alert the captain that two anglers hooked up to wahoo on the troll. As the boat slows, anglers (that weren't trolling off the stern) cast irons, wahoo bombs and live bait off the back, hoping to hook a wahoo from the school.

Black arrows mark anglers in the video that are hooked tight to wahoo. Notice how each fishermen is dragged around the boat, following their fish? Mates do an even better job of coaching the angler, maneuvering the hooked line in and around other lines, and making the gaff shot when necessary. On long-range boats out of San Diego, California, there is no fighting chair. Anglers bring aboard heavy tackle and fighting belts to battle fish mano-a-mano.