Pacific Jacks Attack!

Surprise footage on a GoPro Hero 5 reveals a fearless, fast Pacific jacks. The big, badass crevalles behind a 66 Viking repeatedly charge the camera, in a Trollpro housing.

While trolling about 10 miles out near the Finger Bank off southern Baja, below Magdalena Bay, the 66-foot Viking, Controlled Chaos with Capt. Pete Groesbeck at the helm, had some unexpected visitors. Videographer Barry Brightenburg (BWB Productions, Instagram Capt_bwb), who shared this bit of footage with Sport Fishing, says only later when he downloaded footage from the Hero 5 did he discover that a large, very active pack of Pacific crevalle jacks that followed the boat briefly, checking out unarmed squid dredge teasers, had provided some outstanding video of these agile, badass predators.