When Fish Go Crazy — Spectacular Sky-High Leaps

Watch 17 videos that show game fish launching for serious hang time with dramatic airborne acrobatics

Narrowbarred Spanish Mackerel — Australia

No game fish outjumps narrowbarred Spanish mackerel, found throughout the IndoPacific, particularly when in pursuit of poppers.

Yellowfin Tuna — Hawaii

Awesome — no word better describes a big tuna hurtling from the ocean as you'll see here, when a weighty yellowfin leaps out of the water chasing a greenstick lure.

King Mackerel — South Carolina

A kingfish makes like a polaris missile to the delight of anglers on this charter boat.

Barracuda — Northeast Florida

Heads up for incoming! A large barracuda decides to come aboard (without requesting prior permission)

Narrowbarred Spanish Mackerel — Australia

Another uninvited guest comes flying into a small boat, and another angler is lucky to have seen it coming.

More Narrowbarred Spanish Mackerel Jumps — Australia

A longer version of the preceding video offers more evidence of what makes this species such an amazing game fish. (Pay close attention at 26 seconds and also just after the 3-minute mark.)

Yellowfin Tuna — Panama

Hundreds of tuna, many looking to be in triple digits, come blasting out of the water as they chase baitfish. What these fish lack in vertical gain they make up for with sheer explosive power.

Mako Shark — Location Not Specified

Why are makos one of the most exciting fish in the world that any angler can hook, ever? Just watch!

Sturgeon — South Carolina

Huge, prehistoric, armor-plated fish may not seem like agile jumpers, but they are — and this one nearly takes out a girl on its downward trajectory.

Mahi and Marlin — Costa Rica

A mahi jumps for very good reason, as 500 pounds of blue marlin jumps right behind it, after an uncooperative meal.

Wahoo — Mexico

Hot on the trail of a kite bait, this 'hoo heads for the stratosphere!

White Shark — South Africa

There is quite simply no fish in the world that rivals huge white sharks for sheer terror when in full breach (most often chasing a hapless seal, as here).

Mako Shark — Australia

This mako does what makos do: Goes crazy the instant it feels the hook.

Spotted Seatrout — Louisiana

What do you call a long, silver fish that makes repeated jumps, shaking its head and flaring its gills? A tarpon, right? Well, sometimes, but if you don't think seatrout can emulate that, watch this!

Flyingfish — On the High Seas

These amazing fish do a lot more than jump — but can their long "flights" keep them safe from danger both above and below?

Blacktip Sharks — Central Florida

Some breathtaking jumps among the fabulous balls-out attacks on poppers just off the Atlantic beaches.

Mako Sharks — Northern Gulf of Mexico

As scientists catch makos to place tracking tags on them, check out those slo-mo acrobatics.