VIDEO: Hardcore Surf Fishing for Tuna and Sharks

MorningTide Fishing captures what it takes to be a land-based game fisherman.

The anglers of MorningTide Fishing must have some of the best scars and stories. These land-based fishermen put their balance to the test when fishing the rocks of Australia's eastern coastline. Just the trek to the waterline is problematic and dangerous. Massive swells slam the anglers against rocks — often while fighting fish — and catch the jaw-dropping action on camera. There's a reason anglers wear wetsuits or board shorts. But the rewards are worth it — they release giant tuna right from the shore.

Aaron Briggs, featured in this trailer as Briggsy, said that this is just the beginning of their series of films and trailers.

"We're going to release a series of films through Vimeo or YouTube in a rent or buy format (For a fraction of DVD cost)," Briggs said. "In late 2014, we will launch our first episode and start releasing them every three to four months, with trailers/teasers in between each."

This crew has surfed and fished their whole lives, but only been chasing pelagics with lures for the past five years.

"One day, we brought a camera along with us. When we showed our mates the footage, the reaction we got blew us away," he said. "It was similar to what we are getting worldwide with the trailer. We knew we were doing something unique and that people liked to watch it, so it became obvious that we should try and land some good fish on film and share it with the world."

Briggsy said he had some close calls over the year, but his mate Cavy comes in first for spills in the trailer.

"Cavy's wash off at the end takes the cake," he said. "You'll have to watch the full film to see what happens, but I will say that the ordeal goes on a while longer and the fish is actually somehow landed!