Pressurizing an Old-School Livewell

Follow this process to turn a conventional livewell into a pressurized one for enhanced performance.

Most boats have a pressurized livewell, but turning a conventional well on an older boat into a pressurized livewell isn't difficult.Jim Hendricks

Most new fishing boats feature pressurized livewells to minimize sloshing that can jostle and injure delicate baits. Many older boats have conventional wells, but you can pressurize them. Cut a plate of King StarBoard or clear acrylic to fit under the lip of the well opening. Attach a padeye on top of the plate and loop a bungee cord through it, securing the two ends to a piece of wood that will extend across the top of the well. Add four small circular pieces of wood or King StarBoard in the corners to center it. Use weather seal around the edges to keep the well watertight. Insert the plate and twist the piece of wood to tighten the bungee. Now your well is pressurized.

Livewells on most new boats are pressurized. Yet if you have an older boat with an old-school, non-pressurized well, here's a great way bring the livewell up to snuff.Jim Hendricks / Sport Fishing Magazine