How Lures Swim — SF Video Series

Watch 48 popular lures in action underwater. See how they swim the way a fish sees them.

May 1, 2016

Sure, you can see how your lure wiggles if you move it around next to the boat. But what about what a fish sees? After all, that’s what really counts. To find out, Sport Fishing sent 48 popular lures of many types to photographer Jason Arnold with this assignment: Take them out on your boat and find a way to film them underwater while retrieving them. While that proved to be quite a challenge, he accomplished that mission, as these 15-second clips show.

Skimmers, Prop Baits, Walkers



Shrimp, Squid Imitator

Lipped Minnows — Waking Baits

Lipped Minnows — Subsurface

Lipped Minnows — Medium Runners

Lipped Minnows — Deep Divers

Flat Wobblers and Darters


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