Hand-Feeding Giant Bluefin Tuna, Gulf of Mexico

Watch as tuna the size of Mini-Coopers swarm a charter boat off Venice, Louisiana, grabbing chunks as they hit the water.

While many anglers associate schools of giant bluefin tuna with Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and, in the winter, North Carolina, the fish also move into the Gulf of Mexico (particularly around spawning time). But it’s a rare sight indeed to see large numbers of true giants around a boat. When Capt. Jordan Ellis and crew aboard the Kimmi, based in Venice, Texas, started throwing chunks and behemoth bluefin began snatching them up as fast as they hit the water, Jared Chasteen of Aledo, Texas, grabbed his video camera.

“I’ve fished several places and been fortunate to see a ton of things, but this is at the top of the list!” he tells Sport Fishing. “We were able to hand-feed them in PEI in 2015, but it wasn’t like this in clear blue water! It was amazing; they’re such beautiful animals.”


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