Goliath Grouper Harvest in Florida?

The state’s Fish and Wildlife Commissioners will consider a limited harvest among management options for goliaths.

Goliath grouper must be released at the boat. Is it time to allow anglers a limited harvest each year?Doug Olander / Sport Fishing

Many anglers in Florida have long suggested it’s high time for a limited recreational harvest of the remarkably resurgent goliath grouper that seem to be omnipresent on nearshore wrecks and reefs. That’s one option that will be on the table when the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission meets in Fort Lauderdale, April 26. It’s possible that a vote on a limited harvest for goliaths might be on tap at that time.

Anyone wanting more information on the meeting or wanting to express an opinion beforehand can email the commissioners. Another information source is Florida CCA, which has been closely involved in keeping this option open.