Charleston Redfish Rumble

Testing Bubba’s new inshore fishing rods in the South Carolina marsh results in red drum release fest.
Redfish caught on Bubba rod
Capt. Austin Daniel, with Redfin Charters, hooked this healthy red with Bubba’s new Tidal Pro rod, using a live shrimp on a bottom rig around structure. Chris Woodward / Sport Fishing

These days, an invitation to travel and fish becomes a welcome distraction from pandemic stay-at-home-itis. So when Bubba asked me to join their pros and other media representatives to test the company’s new line of Tidal inshore rods in Charleston, South Carolina, last month, I jumped. Good choice.

Which leads me to a question: What would you call new spinning rods that land 110 redfish in one day among four anglers? “Lucky” just doesn’t seem to do it. “Golden?”

Three redfish
Redfish numbers 108, 109 and 110 for our team. Chris Woodward / Sport Fishing

By the way, that release tally earned our team a coveted Fishing Machine T-shirt from our fishing hosts — Redfin Charters. Also, in addition to redfish, we caught trout, flounder, bluefish, sheepshead and black drum. Swish.

Bubba Tidal fishing rod
Bubba’s new Tidal inshore rod features a split reel seat and stainless guides. Chris Woodward / Sport Fishing

Throughout a day and a half of fishing, we switched up among the three Tidal versions — Tidal, Tidal Select and Tidal Pro. The red-and-white Tidal rods feature 24-ton graphite construction, split reel seats and stainless-steel guides. They come in lengths from 6 feet 10 inches to 7 feet 6 inches, in spin or casting models, and cost $129.99.

Bubba rod bent over
Bubba pro Capt. Ryan Harrington puts a bend in the Tidal rod. Chris Woodward / Sport Fishing

Also red and white, Tidal Selects are made from 24/30-ton Toray graphite and come with Fuji graphite reel seats and Fuji BC Concept-O guides (aluminum-oxide inserts). Lengths for spin and cast models range from 7 feet to 7 feet 6 inches. Selects cost $199.99.

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Flounder on the boat
Did we say “flounder” too? Chris Woodward / Sport Fishing

Tidal Pro rods — colored black and red — feature 30-ton Toray graphite, Fuji graphite reel seats and Fuji K-Series guides (Alconite inserts). Available in 7-foot or 7-foot-6-inch lengths, and in casting and spinning models, they cost $329.99..

Tidal rods will be available in February.

Credit: Chris Woodward / Sport Fishing


Bubba makes it a practice to build products that take anglers from water to plate. So the redfish bash last month — which netted my team more than 110 redfish — also featured a fresh-caught, fish-five-ways appetizer at dinner, a shore lunch of shrimp and prime rib and a six-course evening meal from noted chef Capt. Jamie Hough.