Fish Trial: Invincible 39 Open Fisherman Photos

Invincible’s 39 Open Fisherman features a pair of steps that aerates the running surface to boost efficiency and top speed.
Capt. Chip Sheehan loads goggle-eyes and threadfin herring into the Invincible’s ­62-gallon pressurized transom livewell.
The Invincible 39 serves as a stable platform with plenty of room to fight fish, as Capt. Chip Sheehan demonstrates while battling a mahimahi in rough sea conditions.
Seven rods fit in vertical racks along each side of the center console, with holes in the hardtop to accommodate rods of any length.
Bill Cordes (left) and Mike Risely brace ­themselves in the twin transom alcoves while tending the kite lines and keeping a lookout for fish attacking the live baits.