Standup Sticks Photo Gallery

Specialized rods help tire yellowfin tuna before they exhaust you.

Stand-Up Sticks for Yellowfin Tuna
Guy Harvey puts stand-up pressure to a yellowfin tuna with help from rod and belt. (Photo by Pat Ford)Pat Ford
Stand-Up Sticks for Yellowfin
A lineup of Penn Ally boat rods.
Stand-Up Sticks for Yellowfin
Always handle the rod at its grips to prevent rod failure; this mate pushed his luck to land the angler's yellowfin. (Photo by Travis Peterson)Captain Travis Peterson
Stand-Up Sticks for Yellowfins
[A] Carbon butts on Shimano Terez rods are half the weight of aluminum. Other heavy hitters with roller guides include the [B] Fin-Nor PowerLite and [C] Penn International V rods.
Stand-Up Sticks for Yellowfins
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