More Gear at ICAST 2013, the World’s Largest Tackle Show

Experience a bit of this huge industry trade show in the Las Vegas Convention Center.
There’s so much to take in at the ICAST show, we needed a second photo gallery to share some of the sights. Even two galleries can’t fully do justice to all the tackle and gear. As noted in the first gallery, I never did manage to spend time at many exhibitors’ booths, particularly with so many new-product intros this year. I’m already looking forward to ICAST 2014 which will be in Orlando. Be sure to check out our ICAST 2013 page with a series of how-to videos from the show floor and more galleries. The photo here is part of one display in front of the Yo-Zuri booth, though to fully appreciate their Sashimi line, you need to pick up these lures and turn them to see how completely the colors change when viewed from different angles. Doug Olander

Okuma’s Cedros Spinning Reels

While not new for 2013, these Cedros spinners were lined up in Okuma‘s booth (always taking up a fair amount of real estate) in a way that made for a nice photo.

Working the Aisles of the New Products Showcase

The Tuesday evening before the Wednesday-through-Friday show, the American Sportfishing Association always holds a New Products Showcase where manufacturers show their newest and greatest. Member of the outdoor press take it all in — and vote for their favorites.

Sport Fishing editor Chris Woodward and Friend

Two fishin’ gals — Chris gives a hug to her old pal, Matilda Mannequin, at the Columbia Sportswear Booth, as Matilda models the latest high-tech tropical-fishing wear.

River2Sea Crankbaits

An appealing display of deep-diving crankbaits from River2Sea reflects off their Plexiglass shelf.

Penn’s Newest: The Conflict

Penn introduced the Conflict, along the lines of the Sargus and Battle but a step up, with eight bearings and an all-aluminum body and spool. Light, durable and priced in the low $100s, it should prove another popular offering from Penn.

ICAST — A View from Above

Seeing part of just a few rows of more than 20 offers some idea of the scope this world’s largest tackle show offers.

Saltiga Travel Rod

Although Daiwa has for some time offered a line of travel rods in Europe and Asia, only now will these be available in the U.S. market. Daiwa says its V-Flex ferrules bend throughout and leave no stiff or dead spots. Designed for serious fishing, they offer an aluminum gimbal, Fuji Hardloy guides and reel seat, and will retail for $220.

Cinnetic Reels — A Mystery

Often, interesting tackle from overseas, such as this Cinnetic spinning reel, a brand popular in Spain, where it is made, shows up at ICAST largely to determine if there’s enough interest for the U.S. market to seek distribution.This model is the Cayman Black 7000 which would probably retail for $185.

Mighty Mites of Split-Ring Pliers

Shown here at the New Products Showcase, the always innovative Halco Tackle Company of Australia is offering the smallest heavy-duty split-ring pliers I’ve seen. Note there is no “tooth” near the tip of the jaws that one has to get inserted in a split ring just so: The Halco Fish Ring Pliers operate on a different basis to quickly open even large rings.

Press Briefings are Everywhere

Here, Daiwa holds a press briefing using its pro anglers to help introduce the media to its exciting new gear. For much of the first two days, I spend my time running from one such press event to the next.

A New Line of Topwaters from MirrOlure

The C-Eye Pro Dog Jr. from L&S Bait Company (AKA MirrOlure), in the tradition of MirrOlure’s venerable Top Dog and She Dog topwaters, is designed to cast long distances and walk seductively and offers some new colors/patterns.

Pinch-to-Zoom Touchscreen Tech from Garmin

The Echomap 70s, a 7-inch touchscreen plotter/sounder from Garmin offers pinch-to-zoom screen manipulation. It’s capable of refreshing position/heading up to 10 times/second and offers wireless connectivity. The MSRP: $1049.99.

Wiley X Sunglasses

Known for lenses meeting high-impact safety standards, Wiley X also makes a pretty sharp-looking product as well.

Tackle Bags from L.L. Bean

While these Kennebec Boat Bags by L.L Bean aren’t new, they’re golden oldies: I have used one extensively and after years, it shows minimal wear. (Suggestion: Spray zippers with a good lubricant frequently if exposed to salty conditions.)

Some of the Abu Lineup

Rows of Abu Garcia baitcast reels rim part of the Swedish reel-makers’ display in the larger Pure Fishing booth. Extolling that history, Pure Fishing presented during a press luncheon what it calls a full-length film of the story of a Abu Garcia called For Life; you can see it on the home page of Abu’s website.

Release Reels Enters the Market

Made in Virginia with high-quality components (T6 aluminum, stainless gears, ABEC ceramic bearings) and priced from $250 to $400, these small big-game** Release Reels** attracted plenty of interest.

Strike Pro Lures

Colorful jointed lures join solid bodies with soft-plastic tails on this display at Strike Pro‘s booth.

At the American Sportfishing Association’s Chairman’s Reception

Held every year on the second night (a Thursday) of ICAST, just after the show closes, throngs from the show floor pour in for suds, hors d’ouevres and the announcement of the coveted best-in-show awards winners.

Billfisher’s New Affordable Braid

“Excellent for bulk-braid down-spooling” according to literature in the Sea Striker booth. Available in 3,000-yard spools will be 20-, 30-, 50-, 65- and 80-pound.
Fortunately** Costa**‘s Ed Moody doesn’t answer the door to Halloween trick-or-treaters with that expression! Caught in a moment of siliness before SF editor Chris Woodward starts filming for real, Moody’s about to fill her in on insight into lens color. See the finished video here!

Swivel Stick — Kayak Anchor

With a Swivel Stick Shallow Water Anchor, from L&M Designs, mounted on both sides of a kayak, an angler can virtually instantly be anchored quietly and firmly.

The Well-Named Swivel Stick

Many kayakers will like the idea of a clever, low-tech solution for instantly anchoring their yak.
Marlin galore swim across one of many new t-shirt designs on display at the AFTCO booth.Of course AFTCO’s not just cool clothing; it also makes top-shelf fishing accessories — such as gaffs. Be sure to see a great how-to video on gaffs from SF‘s Pacific editor, Jim Hendricks.

Halo rods

While not as widely known as some brands, Halo makes some slick-looking gear, and will soon have a new line of inshore saltwater rods.

Walkers at Rest

A bright circle of C-Eye Pro-Dog surface walkers at the MirrOLure booth.

Appealing Reels from Halo

In general, manufacturers have made great strides, I think, in the cosmetics of fishing reels; even those priced moderately look great, as do these from Halo.

Colorful New Guides to Marine Fishes

Bill Classen, publisher of the massive Australian Fishing Network, which is always part of ICAST, this year is putting some “American” into AFN with the introduction of a series of U.S.A. Fish Guides. Here he shows the Atlantic Fishes guide, printed on waterproof, nearly indestructible material. (Bill demonstrated this for me by wadding up this guide into a tight ball in his fist, then opening it up, smoothing it out — and, voila, nearly as good as new.)

Another Slice of ICAST

Displays large and small, cramped and open, fill the aisles.

Daiwa Dogfight

If you want a dog in this fight, you’ll need to pony up about $1,400 for Daiwa‘s top-of-the-line spinning reel. You’ll get a reel that holds 500 yards of 80-pound braid, has 14 bearings, a Mag Sealed waterproof body and up to 66 pounds of drag.

Eagle Claw hooks

Now that’s what I call organized! This is one of several such boxes that was on display at the Eagle Claw booth.

At the Hobie Booth

Hobies Fishing Products Manager, Morgan Promnitz (left) shares a joke. The display front/center shows Hobie’s ingenious Mirage Drive pedal unit — the same that powers the Hobie ProAngler just behind it.

Dahlberg on Stella

Famed TV personality (“Hunt for Big Fish“) and lure designer Larry Dahlberg takes center stage in the Shimano booth on the first morning of the show, where he testifies to an overflow crowd at the company’s press conference about the remarkable qualities of Shimano’s top-shelf spinner.

At the Braid Booth

Dennis Braid, a perennial player at ICAST, is involved in a discussion at his booth. I couldn’t hear but suspect it had something to do with fishing.

Rod Belts in Color

New Braid fighting belts come in a variety of colors.
Happy hour at the Yeti Coolers booth draws near late in the afternoon. There were plenty of takers.Be sure to catch one of the SF ICAST How-to Videos, in this case as Yeti’s Ryan Seiders tells Pacific editor Jim Hendricks how to set up a cooler for use as a casting platform.

Back at the New Products Showcase

Not surprisingly, reels are always a major draw on the eve of ICAST as many new models are publcly unveiled for the first time.

Jarvis Walker — A New Name from Australia

Though very well known Down Under, Australia’s own Jarvis Walker is almost unknown in the United States. But the company hopes to change that by introducing anglers here to their proven success.

Display With an Array of Simrad Electronics

Like a helm bristling with electronics, this Simrad display — part of the Navico exhibit — catches the attention of those passing by in the aisle.

A Wall of Mono Cast Nets from Ahi

ICAST casts a wide net — with all sorts of gear related to fishing, such as these Ahi cast nets, including their regular/Outfitter series and their Pro Guide series, ranging from five to 12 feet.

Paddle (and Pedal) Craft: Bigger Than Ever

… and I refer not to size but numbers — that is, the amazing proliferation of kayaks, canoes and paddleboards all around the show this year, evidence of just how fast this aspect of sport fishing continues to grow. The Old Town Predator (foreground) won Best of Show in its category.

Lamiglas: All About Fishing Rods for All These Years

Although best known in the Pacific Northwest (the company is based in Washington), Lamiglas has been making (only) fishing rods and blanks for decades. Those who know Lamiglas recognize the quality of its rods.
Raymarine launches six new products at ICAST, including several multifunction touch-display units — see a short video from _SF_s electronics editor Chris Woodward on the a78. The company also debuted its CP100 network sonar module with CHIRP DownVision.

Titanium Pliers from Adventure Products

On display at the New Products Showcase, these EGO Ti22 Titanium Pliers from Adventure Products were among several high-end pliers at the show.

Lure Entry from Korea

This eye-catching crankbait, on display at the New Products Showcase, comes from Korean manufacturer, The Outdoor Co.

Fin-Nor: Positively Lethal

At the Fin-Nor booth, the new “braid-friendly” Lethal spinners are on display. Max drag in largest model: 45 pounds: See if any spinner will beat that at a $139 price point!

Poppers, Walkers, Wakers ‘n Splashers

The lineup of inshore topwater hard baits from Strike Pro runs the gamut of actions.


I had to include one of my faves always for hard-hitting, fast-moving, near-surface predators such as bluefish, Spanish mackerel, jack crevalle and so many others — the Got-Cha by Sea Striker. I work it with a hard-cranking fast-twitching retrieve that makes it dart from side to side in nearly 180-degree turns.