Furuno DRS6AX X-Class Radar

Open-array radar features new bird mode that dials in targets without manual tuning.

The new X-Class radar allows you to find flocks of birds and individual birds.Courtesy Furuno

Furuno says its DRS6AX X-Class radar brings a refined 6 kW open-array option to NavNet TZtouch and TZtouch2 multifunction displays, while pushing the boundaries of performance for typical marine X-Band radar units. For anglers, X-Class introduces a new bird mode that picks up flocks at various ranges without manual tuning. You can also monitor the ­movement of individual birds using the Echo Trails feature. The X-Class optimizes the pulse length to deliver more power-on-target than previous DRS radars, Furuno says. The gearbox costs $4,565; antennas are available in 3½-, 4- and 6-foot lengths and cost $830, $1,175 and $1,675, respectively.