Furuno 1815 Radar

New stand-alone radar features an 8.4-inch display paired with a 19-inch 4 kW radome antenna.

Furuno's new color stand-alone radar can track up to 10 targets.Courtesy Furuno

Furuno has encapsulated commercial-level features in its new color stand-alone radar. The 1815 package includes an 8.4-inch display and a 19-inch 4 kW radome antenna. It offers Fast Target Tracking, which allows captains to manually or automatically track up to 10 targets, and the unit can display up to 100 AIS targets when interfaced with an AIS receiver. True Trails mode shows moving objects as a gradation trail, making it possible to gauge the direction of targets at a glance. Automatic gain reduction offers optimal clutter rejection. The 1815 costs $2,495.