Invincible 39 Open Fisherman

Seaworthy and fishing friendly, the Invincible 39 is a center-console completely customizable to suit the owner.

May 12, 2015

Performance, durability, luxury and fishability are qualities Invincible designs into each one of its handcrafted, built-to-order boats.

Speed comes from a stepped hull designed by renowned naval architect Michael Peters, featuring a blend of hull mass and construction techniques that lighten Invincible models without weakening them.

Stringer grids are solid. Steps aerate water so that hulls ride on a cushion of air, for lowest drag coefficient and maximum fuel range. Before lay-up, plugs and molds are precisely crafted with computerized routers and cutters; consistency and precision add durability. Quality is evident even in spacing in hatches, doors and seams.


With spacious interiors, Invincible boats are beamy, sculpted in classic lines but not at the expense of fishability. The number and locations of rod holders, the placement and components of tackle -centers — they’re all done with fishing in mind. It’s no wonder, then, that boat shoppers -seriously considering Invincibles so highly regard them for their fishability and performance.

Designed for stability and minimal roll, an Invincible maintains a steady platform underfoot at any trolling speed and in virtually all conditions.

39 Open Fisherman


Big, fast — 72 mph, in a test by Salt Water Sportsman — seaworthy and fishing friendly, the Invincible 39 is a center-console completely customizable to suit the owner.

Despite this boat’s main claim to fame as a stable, seaworthy fishing room, it cheerfully accepts people-pleasing features such as a fully lined console and nearly unlimited seating options.

Power choices include triple and quadruple outboards; with triples, you can hit 72-plus mph. Massive fuel -capacity -affords a range of up to 600 nm, with 130 gallons of total livewell storage above and below deck.


Opt for foldout seats bow and stern. Add a hardtop, folding tower, crow’s nest or upper station. Select from rod holder and livewell options, and add electric reel outlets, if you like, for kite-fishing or deep drops for massive fish.

This boat means -business — fishing with minimal hassle. It has three 2,000-gph bilge pumps, two aft and one amidships; waterproof switches; circuit breaker-protected electrical system; and 316 stainless-steel hardware.

It’s ready to reach the biggest fish in the most distant waters and battle them in a 360-degree fishable boat. It’s about an angler feeling, well, Invincible.



LOA: 39’2″ | Beam: 11′ | Fuel Capacity: 550 gal. | Dry Weight: 12,000 lb. w/ power | Max Horsepower: 1,400 | Certifications: NMMA
Livewell options include huge transom and floor wells. A tuna door is also a boon for divers.

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