Bahama Boatworks 34

The smallest boat in the line, it’s nonetheless big on features and fishability.

Stability, control and comfort — in rough or flat seas, and in head, cross or following seas — are hallmarks of a Bahama Boat Works boat.

While it celebrates the speeds that modern boats can reach, the company keeps an eye out for ways in which such drag-reducing features as hull steps can, in some sea conditions, reduce directional stability and efficiency.

Hulls are designed as much for slow speeds — such as when shooting an inlet in a large following sea (“A pleasantly reassuring experience, not an unpredictable, scary thrill ride,” in a Bahama) — as for high speeds. For high speeds, multiple big block outboards like triple 350s on 34 and 37 or quad 350s on the 41 get the work done.

Computer-assisted design of its hulls is informed by more than 80 years of documented hull research and application, in addition to manufacturing pursued at the leading edge of techniques. “Bahama Boat Works hulls are as symmetrical and fair as modern technology will allow,” the company pledges.

As it says proudly, the company makes safety at sea its first priority.

34 Bahama

One’s reaction to the 34 Bahama is immediate: This boat bears clean lines with excellent fit and finish and few obstructions or tangle hazards. It displays its heritage to the larger Bahama boats, the 37 and 41, but in a smaller, more nimble package.

Six inches narrower than the bigger boats, it still carries an impressive sea-taming 10-foot, 6-inch beam. It skips the bow bench seats that its big siblings carry, but it has the same center-console and other features: lockable electronics side-panel cover; lockable rod storage; custom hardtop; streamlined engine rigging; and console with 6 feet, 6 -inches of headroom, ready for optional head, sink and teak.

The 34 can carry up to a trio of 350 hps. A 400-gallon fuel tank guarantees far-ranging abilities. Freshwater tank and baitwell each hold 60 gallons.

Hatch interiors are finished and gelcoated, hatches sealed with a proprietary double-O-ring system. There are both fresh- and saltwater-washdown systems. All lights, navigation and courtesy (including baitwells and all storage compartments), are LEDs, including multicolor cockpit lighting with remote control. Pumps and mechanical equipment are mounted beyond clear acrylic covers that provide easy access.

Among options are removable rear seating and table, custom flush-mount anchor and windlass, powerful bow thrusters, and a fighting chair.

The smallest boat in the line, it’s nonetheless big on features and fishability.

LOA: 35'6" | Beam: 10'6" | Fuel Capacity: 400 gal. | Dry Weight: 7,000 lb. plus power | Max Horsepower: 1,050
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