FG Knot Made Easy

Learn how to tie the knot everyone’s talking about: SF presents the Adrian Gray Simplified FG Knot

How to Tie the FG Knot, Step by Step

One of the hottest topics among saltwater anglers these days is the FG knot. It’s a favorite among the most hardcore nearshore anglers who toss huge poppers all day for monster giant trevally — some of the world’s toughest fishing, a situation where your best knot or mine probably wouldn’t survive for long. They have a knot connecting their braid to heavy mono or fluoro leader that can go all day — in and out of the guides and straining under max drags with heavy tackle. It’s the FG knot.

Like any knot: easy to tie when you know how.

Trying to follow instructions via illustrations is nearly impossible and even FG knot videos have been tough — until now! Working with the IGFA’s Adrian Gray, Sport Fishing presents the exclusive, revolutionary Adrian Gray Simplified FG Knot. Watch the video: There’s little reason any longer not to tie the FG! With a little practice, you can do it as quickly and effortlessly as does Gray, and you won’t find a better knot for casting or jigging with braid.

— Doug Olander, Sport Fishing Editor-in-Chief