Costa Raising Awareness of Poor Water Quality in Florida

Costa's #FixFlorida campaign launches with Flip Pallot-narrated video.

Costa Sunglasses launched a video campaign titled #FixFlorida, which was made to raise awareness of Florida's poor water quality and issues with the Everglades. The film, narrated by Flip Pallot, highlights that the Everglades are quickly disappearing and waterways are being poisoned.

See the film here. The video description states, "At one time, Florida was a waterman's paradise, pristine estuaries and healthy fish populations. Recent events have put three of Florida's estuaries in an environmental turmoil, but these events are not new, they are sparked from over a half century of development, agriculture and water mismanagement." The video, which was uploaded Monday, July 18, has nearly 5,000 views after one day.

Those wishing to join the cause can sign the Now or Neverglades Declaration here.