Bungee Straps Secure Lures and Weight

Use a small bungee strap to keep lure secure

Secure lures with small bungee cords.Jim Hendricks / Sport Fishing

Running a fishing boat in rough seas has a way of jarring loose just about everything on board. That includes metal jigs and trolling lures that you have tied on to your lines. This leads to awful tangles with nearby gear, and can also create a safety hazard as a free-swinging lure threatens to strike or impale crewmembers. To prevent this, as part of your pre-rigging process, secure the lure with a small elastic cord such as those from Fishing Butler (about $6 for a pair of the size small cords). The cord is adjustable, and a ratchet device keeps it tight until you're ready to fish. You can also use the Fishing Butler to keep the ends of a two-piece rod together while traveling.