Keep Lures and Sinkers from Scratching and Chipping Your Boat and Tackle

Ways to keep sinkers and lures from rattling and chipping your boat and fishing rods

It’s great to have your tackle rigged and ready to fish as you’re cruising out, but lures and in-line sinkers tend to bang and rattle against the stowed rods in choppy water. It’s annoying and could damage a rod or guide. To quiet the rattle, use a hook-and-loop (aka Velcro) strap. It’s easy to strap the lure or sinker against the rod, and just as easy to remove when you’re ready to fish. You can also use the Calcutta Lure Wrap ($6.99 for the 4-inch model), which doubles as a protective nylon enclosure for hooks on a lure. I’ve also used rubber bands intended for use as downrigger releases to wrap around a rattling lure or weight.

Keep fishing lures and weights from rattling around.

Protect Your Tackle and Boat by Wrapping Up Lures and Sinkers

To keep rigged lures and sinkers from rattling about in rough water, used the Calcutta Lure Wrap. It will protect your rod and your boat. Courtesy of Calcutta
Keep sinkers from rattling and damaging your tackle and boat.

Ways to Secure Rigged Sinkers and Lures

You can use a larger rubber band or a hook-and-loop fastener to secure a loose sinker and protect your tackle and boat. Jim Hendricks / Sport Fishing Magazine