Deep Impact 399 Open

Tournament center console or family entertainment platform

August 2, 2012

FIRST IMPRESSION: There’s nothing subtle about the Monster Energy Team’s 399 Open from Deep Impact that I tested during the 2012 Miami International Boat Show. From the big, triple Mercury 300 Verado outboards to the screaming vinyl hull graphics, this boat is amped up to go big-water fishing, as if fueled by its sponsor’s caffeinated energy drink.

TARGET MARKET: Here’s a 39-foot center console than can compete at the highest level in the Southern Kingfish Association (SKA) tournament circuit, but is also well suited for kite-fishing or working wrecks and oil rigs. The Deep Impact 399 Open is a good fit for the angler who wants the ultimate in a go-fast fishing boat that can also serve as an entertainment platform for family and friends.

FISHIEST FEATURES: The 399 virtually flew across the water. Buried throttles produced a top speed of nearly 66 mph, which should get you to the fish fast. The boat also featured twin, 55-gallon livewells with clear-acrylic lids built into the full transom. Twin alcoves at the helm hosted a pair of 15.5-inch flush-mounted multifunction displays. You’ll find tackle storage and rod holders in the seat-back pod. Coaming pads surrounding the cockpit cushion your legs while you fight a fish. The elevated foredeck is a useful feature, but be careful — freeboard in the bow is minimal.


THE LAYOUT: Deep Impact builds only custom boats on order. A hull reinforced with resin-infused coring and several layers of Kevlar means the 399 can take big seas in stride. Three-across, racing-helm seats with drop-down bolsters offer extra security when running fast. Housed inside the console is a marine privy with 7 feet of headroom. The level of fit and finish is impeccable.

FINAL WORD: The 399’s multi-step hull creates a cushion of air under the running surface to reduce drag. This, combined with 24 degrees of deadrise at the transom, allowed it to easily bridge four-foot wind waves and never pound in my test. At the same time, it is a stable and comfortable fishing platform at rest, with all of the features you need to best any tournament rival.



TOP SPEED: 66 mph

TIME TO PLANE: 5.4 sec.

0-30 MPH TIME: 12 sec.


BEST MPG: 1.25 @ 33.9 mph (3,500 rpm)

MAXIMUM RANGE: 538 miles



LOA: 39 ft. 0 in.

BEAM: 10 ft. 7 in.

DRAFT: 2 ft. 6 in.

DEADRISE: 24 deg.

WEIGHT: 12,000 lb. (w/ power)

FUEL: 480 gal.

MAX. POWER: 1,750 hp OB


TYPE: Inline-6


MAX RPM: 6,400

HP/LB RATIO: 0.464

GEAR RATIO: 1.85:1

WEIGHT: 647 lb.


MSRP (base w/ triple Mercury 300 Verados): $325,000

Deep Impact’s 399 Open has stepped hull that creates a cushion of air for a smoother ride and greater fuel efficiency at speed. Courtesy Mercury Marine
Powered by three Mercury 300 Verado outboards, this 39-footer achieved a top speed of 66 mph in our test. Courtesy Mercury Marine
The 399 Open reached planing speed in 5.4 second and accelerated from zero to 30 mph in 12 seconds. Courtesy Mercury Marine
The hull of the Deep Impact 399 has 24 degrees of deadrise at the transom, and this resulted in a very smooth ride in our test. Courtesy Mercury Marine
Twin 15.5-inch multi-function displays are housed in a pair of alcoves at the helm. Jim Hendricks
The wheel of the Deep Impact 399 Open is in the center of the console, allowing room for a throttle-man on the starboard side and another crewmember to port. Jim Hendricks
Mercury Racing Zero Effort throttle controls for the 399’s triple 300 Verados are situated starboard of the center-mounted wheel. Courtesy Mercury Marine
Twin 55-gallon livewells are built into the transom bulkhead. Both have latching clear-acrylic lids. Jim Hendricks
The hardtop features skylights, as well as an electronics box to house items such as VHF radios and stereo controls. Jim Hendricks
A raised foredeck helps when throwing a castnet or fighting a fish around the bow, but this also reduces freeboard up front. Jim Hendricks
Twin bucket seat are built into the front of the console, but without any grab handles, seating here is dicey when running in choppy seas. Jim Hendricks
Deep Impact integrated a tackle center and rocket-launcher rod holders into the aft of the pod containing the helm seats. Note the generous number of grab handles for crewmembers when the boat is underway. Jim Hendricks
The 399’s triple Mercury 300 Verado outboards achieved 1.25 mpg at 3,500 rpm and 33.9 mph, resulting a maximum cruising range of 538 miles. Jim Hendricks
Coaming pads encircle the interior of the 399 Open to protect anglers thighs and knees. The gunwales are appointed with flush-mount rod holders from bow to stern. Jim Hendricks
All hatches feature compression latches and gas-assist struts. The underside of each hatch and the locker interiors are gelcoated. Jim Hendricks
In-sole lockers such as this forward fish box are guttered under the hatch and plumbed to drain overboard. Jim Hendricks

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