McKee Craft Marathon 184 Center Console First Glance

McKee Craft doesn't toot its own horn much, so let us do it for them. It builds very advanced, unsinkable, high-quality boats that perform particularly well for a very affordable price.

McKee Craft claims that you can do 40 mph in this boat with a 115-hp outboard. Imagine what the max-rated 150-hp would do.

Though McKee Craft calls the 184 a center console, many actually consider it a bay skiff, thanks to the huge fish/storage box in the bow that doubles as a casting deck. You can opt for a bow chair and trolling-motor wiring there as well. Another great aspect to the foam coring is that every box is exceptionally well-insulated.

In each aft corner, you'll also find 11-gallon lighted livewells. You get vertical storage for four rods in the gunwales, undergunwale storage for six more, a tackle center with four storage drawers and a cooler with a seat forward of the console and rawwater washdown.