Invincible 42 Review

Invincible Boats enters the big-center-console market with techno savvy and panache. This 42 has no discernible ­shortcomings.

An irrefutable testament to the softness and smoothness of the Invincible 42’s ride: I ran out Miami’s Government Cut in an ugly washboard sea into three- to four-footers at a five-second period offshore — with two broken ribs — and never winced! Thank you, Michael Peters.

Peters, considered one of the world’s foremost designers of high-speed recreational boats, designed this unusual, patent-pending “Stepped-Vee Ventilated Tunnel” hull that claims to have the lowest drag coefficient of any monohull.

I can personally attest to the Invincible’s remarkable handling. In a wheel-hard-over turn at 50 mph, the hull leans in, exhibiting no slide whatsoever, but it also doesn’t throw you outboard. It comfortably reverses course in just over three boat lengths, which is unbelievable for a stepped hull. Belying its agility, the sense of sheer mass while you’re running is also very impressive.


Triple Yamaha 350s with U-Flex steering lifted us onto plane in 4.8 seconds and, carrying three people and about 400 gallons of fuel, we reached a top speed of 67.8 mph while consuming 99 gph. The most economical cruising speed was 40 mph while burning a relatively modest 34 gph. Sound levels at the helm at idle speed registered a quiet 67 dB. At 40 mph, it was still remarkably quiet at 87 dB.

Large center-consoles often have an awkward protective cover over the electronics. They’re usually hard to open and close, and rarely stay open securely in rough conditions. Invincible has a new foolproof latch to keep the cover open, which works perfectly. Speaking of the helm, it qualifies as absolutely comfortable for three across.

Close-quarters handling couldn’t be better. The Invincible 42 walks sideways with the outboards alone. Those without that skill set will appreciate the electric bow thruster that, when combined with the outboards in opposite gears, can also walk the boat directly sideways — a boon for tight, alongside dock spaces.


Invincibles are designed for dedicated fishing from the outset, as evidenced by the standard-equipment list and the single-level deck — open all the way around for unobstructed fishing.

A large coffin box atop the forward in-deck fish box seems to be a very popular option, as about 70 percent of buyers request it. Two inches of insulation more than adequately keeps ice. You’ll find two more long, shallow fish boxes in the cockpit sole.

Two livewells — one in the transom and the other under the sole — provide 170 total gallons of pressurized livebait-keeping space.


Five vertical rod holders line each side of the console. Five more stretch across the back of the leaning post. Even more mount on the hardtop, and I won’t even go into how many rod holders you’ll find in the gunwales, because you can put as many as you want around this boat.

Trollers will appreciate minimal turbulence at common trolling speeds, and it dissipates by the second wave back.

Design and Construction
Every interior surface is finished with Awlgrip, even those you never see.


Understanding that even hard-core anglers take the odd evening cruise, Invincible hides foldaway seats in both transom corners as well as in each forward bulwark. The mammoth head compartment boasts 6-foot-7-inch headroom as well as an innovative battery-storage system on trays above the waterline in the console.

The industry has always used Cabo Yachts as the benchmark for the best-designed wiring and plumbing installations. Invincible may set the new standard. I’ve also always liked how clean navigation lights look when recessed into the forward corners of the hardtop like on this Invincible.

An optional dive door in the hull side swings outboard. This is such a handy feature for allowing people to board at the dock that I would personally prefer to see it open inward to avoid it meeting the dock.

Invincible uses resin infusion and vinylester resin combined with ­fiberglass in the building of every 42 hull. It’s light, strong and seaworthy. I’m certain that time will show it to be durable too.

LOA: 42 ft. 9 in.
BEAM: 11 ft. 7 in.
DRAFT: 1 ft. 11 in.
DEADRISE: 22 deg.
WEIGHT: 13,400 lb. (w/ power)
FUEL: 600 gal.
MAX POWER: (4) 350 hp OB
MSRP: $320,000 (w/ triple Yamaha 350 hp OB)

Invincible Boats / Opa Locka, Florida 33054 / 305-685-2704