Invincible 36 Open Fisherman Review

This model, which launched the Invincible brand, continues to be one of the most sought-after center console boats in its class.
Invincible 36 aerial shot at sea
LOA: 36 ft. 8 in.; Beam: 10 ft.; Draft: 1 ft. 10 in.; Deadrise: 22 deg.; Dry Weight: 9,200 lb. (w/o power); Fuel: 475 gal.; Max Power: 1,050 hp; Base Price: $363,500 (w/ triple 300 Mercury Verado V8s) Courtesy Invincible Boats

There comes a time in every saltwater angler’s life when compromise is no longer an option, when he or she refuses to settle for second best, insisting on the ultimate — be it a reel, a remote adventure or a fishing boat. Invincible Boats has made its mark catering to such customers, and it all began with the 36 Open Fisherman, Invincible’s first model when the company debuted in 2006. Since then, the Invincible 36 has undergone many refinements, including a new side-entry console, new seating options and an upgraded hardtop. Through it all, the boat has steadfastly remained one of the most popular center console monohulls in its class.

I had the opportunity to review and run the 36 Open Fisherman in the waters off of Miami Beach, Florida. My test boat carried triple Yamaha F300 outboards, turning 22-inch-pitch Mercury Revolution 4 stainless-steel propellers. Controlling this vaunted machine proved easy thanks to U-Flex power-assist hydraulic steering.

Invincible 36 Open Fisherman running out to fish
Invincible’s 36 Open Fisherman rides on a patented Stepped-Vee Ventilated Tunnel hull with twin steps that enhance lift to boost speed and fuel efficiency. Courtesy Invincible Boats

Invincible 36 Performance

The 36 features Invincible’s patented Stepped-Vee Ventilated Tunnel hull with twin steps, which introduce a cushion of aerated water below the running surface to lift the hull, boost speed and increase fuel efficiency. The hull also rides remarkably flat. During acceleration from a standing start, there’s virtually no bow rise, offering excellent forward visibility at any speed. Invincible claims its hulls offer the lowest drag coefficient of any monohull on the market.


To produce a smoother ride in rough seas with most boats, the captain slows down. With the Invincible 36, you do the opposite. As we ran about 30 mph into a 3-foot headsea outside Miami’s Government Cut, the boat knifed cleanly through the waves. When I accelerated to 45 mph, the boat lifted to ride even more smoothly atop the capping seas. This boat tops out at 70 mph, according to performance data gathered by Invincible. At high speeds, it banks comfortably and predictably in cornering maneuvers without a hint of tripping or skipping.

K-Plane-style trim tabs come standard, but I found the boat runs beautifully without deploying them, though they do come in handy for balancing uneven loads. The economical cruising speed is achieved at 3,000 rpm and 31.4 mph, where the 36 offers 1.5 mpg. That equates to a maximum cruising range of more than 700 miles based on the 475-gallon fuel tank.

Invincible 36 Open Fisherman helm
The level deck and wide walkways of the Invincible 36 Open Fisherman provide unfettered rail access from bow to stern, a big advantage when battling a powerful, fast-moving fish such as a sailfish. Courtesy Invincible Boats

Fishing on the Invincible 36

The Invincible 36 Open Fisherman exudes serious offshore fishability, starting with a single-level deck surrounding the center console. Recessed bow rails and retractable cleats allow you to fish unimpeded from any point along the rail. Coaming bolsters rim the interior to cushion your thighs and knees while fishing. Eight gunwale rod holders punctuate each side of the test boat, with four more rod holders across the full transom bulkhead. This 36 also featured a leaning-post helm seat with a backrest incorporating four more rod holders.


While Invincible builds each boat to order, standard features on the 36 include two livewells: a 50-gallon tank in the transom and a 60-gallon well below the aft cockpit, both equipped with latching clear-acrylic hatches that keep the pressurized well sealed. Two high-speed pickups draw water for the sea chest/pumps from below the aerated water layer when the boat is underway. A quartet of insulated fish boxes includes twin cavernous lockers below the bow deck and another pair under the aft deck. The forepeak features a roomy anchor locker.

The helm panel accommodates a pair of flush-mounted 15-inch multifunction displays. The switch panel is fully waterproof, and each switch is fuse protected. The standard hardtop provides an ideal place to mount antennas, a radar array and outriggers, as well as to attach a clear-vinyl enclosure.

Invincible 36 Open Fisherman with a tower
The molded stringer system of the 36 Open Fisherman integrates bulkheads into a solid grid, offering exceptional hull strength and durability. Courtesy Invincible Boats

Finer Points

Impeccable fit and finish distinguishes all Invincible boats, and the 36 is no exception. The roomy head compartment inside the console, for example, features a fully gelcoated liner. My test boat came with the side-access console. Each hatch on the 36 is outfitted with 316 stainless-steel hardware, and gaskets for each locker keep water out.


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The construction process starts with a vacuum-bagged, cored hull and 100 percent vinylester resin. The molded stringer system integrates the bulkheads and stringers into a virtually indestructible unit. In a touch that extends to all Invincible boats, the rigging tubes are incorporated into the stringers, which hides much of the wiring for a very clean look belowdecks.

If you’re at the point in your angling career when you’re so serious about fishing that compromise no longer exists in your lexicon, look closely at the Invincible 36 Open Fisherman. When it comes to quality, performance and angling features, this model joins an elite group that can be truly classified as ultimate offshore fishing boats.



LOA: 36 ft. 8 in.

Beam: 10 ft.

Draft: 1 ft. 10 in.

Deadrise: 22 deg.

Dry Weight: 9,200 lb. (w/o power)

Fuel: 475 gal.

Max Power: 1,050 hp

Base Price: $363,500 (w/ triple 300 Mercury Verado V8s)


Engines: Triple Yamaha F300s

Load: 120 gal. fuel, 30 gal. water, two crew members

Time to 30 mph: 6.27 sec.

Top Speed: 70 mph @ 6,100 rpm

Best MPG: 1.5 mpg @ 31.4 mph (3,000 rpm)

* Performance data provided by Invincible Boats

Notable Standard Features

  • Stepped-Vee Ventilated Tunnel hull
  • U-Flex power-assist hydraulic steering
  • Two livewells (50 and 60 gal.)
  • Three 2,000 gph bilge pumps

Invincible Boats

Opa Locka, Florida