Bluefish Viciously Assaults a Topwater Lure

A bluefish off Long Island, New York, shows its remarkable tenacity as it lunges repeatedly at a Nomad Design Tackle Dartwing lure

How will an Australian-designed lure work for bluefish in New York? Very effectively!

In early June, Damon Olsen of Nomad Design Tackle based in Australia, flew to New York where he joined Sport Fishing magazine to fish with Capt. John McMurray. The plan was to try his cool new line of lures (available in the United States this summer) on striped bass.

But bluefish — some very big bluefish — kept getting in the way. They were roving flats, tailing and waking in 2 to 4 feet of water, aggressively looking for something to eat. As this video by Nomad videographer Nick Jones shows, they found the unique Nomad Dartwing to their liking, with attacks of this sort almost every cast — exciting fishing at its best.