Video: Wild Barracuda Jumps Into Fishing Boat

If a picture may be worth 1,000 words, a few seconds of video may be worth a book. At least, the brief video capture of a big barracuda hurtling high out of the water to land squarely on the foredeck of a center console Yellowfin speaks volumes — about the excitement and unpredictability of fish and fishing. One might argue also, it speaks to the dangers, but most sports have their dangers. However, many sports lack the surprise that is a part of nearly every day on the water.

Jumping barracuda have been known to injure anglers and even near-shore waders. In probably all cases, such injuries weren’t the intent of the fish; rather, it was engaging in a feeding or escape response and some hapless fisherman or, as in this case fortunately, a boat just got in its way.

This is a good reminder though, for those who enjoy sight-casting to large barracuda (especially in shallow water), to exercise a bit of caution on the retrieve near the boat. Cudas are among the fastest fish in a burst. Couple that speed with those teeth and ... watch out!