Video: More Insane Tuna Topwater Action off Panama

Watch yellowfin tuna crashing bait in an insane feeding frenzy off Panama as anglers throw poppers into the melee!

The voices: French. The language: universal. The operative two-word phrase begins with "Holy!"

'Nuff said, because this is all about the visual.

Mon ami, Patrick Sebile, had an email waiting for me this morning with a subject line of "MUST see!!!" He wasn't kidding.

In this video, watch yellowfin go positively nuts chasing baitfish in the calm waters off Panama. The skipper/videographer is Olivier Charpentier -- who spent years guiding anglers in West Africa and now operates a lodge in Panama. Charpentier specializes in what French anglers love best, and with good reason: throwing poppers to big fish (and jigging) with high-quality spinning outfits.

And this is popping action at its craziest! Most of the real action, btw, occurs in the first three or so minutes of this video — but watching long enough to see them land a fish shows that these are not footballers but decent-sized tuna.