Biggest Trevally Ever Caught?

biggest GT Facebook

biggest GT Facebook

This picture may be worth 1,000 words, but is it also worth more than 160 pounds?

I admit to being a bit awestruck when i saw this little item from Down Under. Just sayin' — THAT is one hell of a jack!

The IGFA all-tackle record giant trevally (largest of the jacks) weighed in at 160 pounds and change (caught in 2006 in Japan, believe it or not). Having caught GTs a third of that size, I can only shudder at the brute force that 160 pounds of pissed-off giant trevally would entail. Meow.....

So could the fish in this photo be larger than that? Hard to say, but this is how GTs are most often photographed -- a quick shot on the angler’s lap -- and I’d say a fish of 125 pounds or much larger would look like this one. No trick of the camera, I don’t think.

Since it came from Facebook with a trail impossible to follow to its origins, we may never know if it could have been larger than the world record or not. But no doubt there are trevally well over 160 pounds swimming around there.

I’d love to see one. But I’ll let someone else hook it.