Man Loses Prosthetic Arm to Tarpon, Then Recovers It



You don't see this sort of thing every day. Fishing as an amateur in a Professional Tarpon Tournament Series event over Memorial Day weekend, a disabled angler lost his prosthetic arm to a tarpon — only to have another angler reel in the same fish — with the arm still attached!

Jack Wiseman, one of eight participants from the Wounded Warrior Project invited to fish the event, was pulling on a tarpon in Boca Grande Pass, when he realized his metal limb was slipping away.

"All of a sudden, the hand snapped off the prosthetic device, still hooked to the rod, and the rod and the reel and the hand went down in the water," he told local WINK News Now.

But not all was lost. Shortly after the unfortunate incident, another boat hooked into the same tarpon, and the whole shebang was recovered.

“Somebody else hooked that same fish, and our rod — with my hand — was still attached, and they brought it back to us. So that’s my fishing story.”

Quite a story indeed!