The Best Shark Fishing Videos and Shark Fishing Tales

Check out the best shark fishing videos. From chasing epic great whites to fishing for sharks from a blimp, fishermen try to catch these monsters on video.

Sharks have been around for an estimated 420 million years. These sea dogs have put up fight after fight. They survived over five mass extinctions — asteroids can't even keep a shark down. They even sleep while swimming.

In these videos, shark fishing seems to be a beating of the chest moment for most. Hooking a monster. Pulling in a behemoth of the deep. It's catching a dinosaur, hell, it's more than that — sharks existed before the Triassic dinos. It's catching evolutionary history.

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BBC's Hunting a Shark from the Deep shows an over half ton Greenland shark being caught by its tail. The father-son duo pulls this giant from an 800-meter depth — that's almost the height of the tallest building in the world. The duo enlists the help of their dogs to pull the beast out of their makeshift ice hole. Hopefully, the dogs were paid OT on this venture.

There’s nothing like shark fishing from a blimp. This film from 1934 shows fishing from the cabin of a Goodyear Tires blimp off Fisher Island, Florida. Not exactly sure what the reason was for doing this and capturing it on film — it’s a weird one. Seems like experimenting was a thing in the early 20th century, being the first to do whatever, even shark fishing from a blimp.

Flashback to the 1980s with mustaches and mullet cuts along with a great white shark catch. A local news station from Montauk, New York reports on Frank Mundus, who arguably was the inspiration for Quint from the film Jaws, catching a 3,427-pound great white. The catch allegedly holds the record for largest shark, but also the largest fish of any kind ever caught on rod and reel.

Mako shark fly fishing means two things in this video. Of course, the type of fishing, but also the fact that these makos soar. There’s some great footage of these bad boys jumping like a sailfish — must have identity problems. These sharks even pull hard enough to make a straight fly rod turn into a question mark.

The footage seemed to be just of a decently sized mackerel on the line. Then, it wasn’t.

Technically not shark fishing, more of a shark fishing for fish. This whale shark, which approximately originated 60 million years ago, sucks down silverside baitfish like spaghetti. Conservation International’s Youtube description says that the video was of a recent expedition to Indonesia's Cendrawasih Bay, Conservation International's Mark Erdmann learned how whale sharks often congregate around lift net fishing platforms.

A hammerhead rips this tarpon open like a silver piñata in Boca Grande pass. This video went from tarpon fishing to tarpon trolling.

The Youtube description says that it's a 200-250-pound reef shark that was caught off the Jardines Del Rey Region of Cuba. They should have included the note: nothing pairs up like techno and sharks.

According to the Youtube description, Peter Thorman and his mates were part of a catch and release tagging program licensed by the South African authorities, this footage is documentation of just that. They caught 26 total. This was done before a ban on fishing for Great Whites on rod and was put into law.