Readers’ Catches Monthly Photo Contest for December

We're sharing some of our fans’ great photos showing catches of anglers all over the world in a monthly showcase — enjoy this month's photos, then send us yours for the next one!

December 4, 2017
Sport Fishing photo of the month contest
Below are Sport Fishing editors’ favorite catch photos for December. Courtesy Sport Fishing Readers

Share your great fish photos with our international audience of enthusiasts via Sport Fishing‘s Catch of the Month photo contest!

Simply share your faves via Facebook direct message or email to [email protected]. Each month’s top entries (as chosen by Sport Fishing editors) will be showcased at the beginning of the next month in a gallery like this, and one will receive a prize. Please send images at at least 1,000 pixels in width to be considered as a finalist. Feel free to include with your images all the juicy details of the catch (we love to know anglers’ names, location, tackle, how the fight went, etc)!

(Note: Please don’t send photos of billfish, large sharks or tarpon being held in cockpits or on deck.)


Here are the finalists and winner from November’s Catch of the Month contest.

Below are the top entries from December’s contest.

Monthly Winner

tarpon catch
1 of 10 Courtesy Chris Holmes

Angler: Chris Holmes
Species: Tarpon
Location: Cocoa Beach, Florida


Chris Holmes is December’s winner with this nice shot of a tarpon catch while kayak fishing from his Hobie off Cocoa Beach, Florida. He caught the fish using live menhaden as bait.

Finalist No. 2

grouper catch
2 of 10 Courtesy Norm Crosby

Angler: Melinda Crosby
Species: Gag Grouper
Location: Piñellas County, Florida

Norm Crosby sent in this photo of a 31-inch grouper that Melinda Crosby caught at South Country Reef, out of Piñellas County. She used frozen cigar minnow for bait and a Fin-Nor reel, 100-pound braid with 60-pound fluorocarbon leader and a circle hook. It only took 10 minutes to pull the fish to the boat.


Finalist No. 3

Maori Sea Perch
3 of 10 Courtesy Isaiah Peter

Angler: Isaiah Peter
Species: Maori Sea Perch
Location: Sumbawa, Indonesia

Isaiah Peter caught this Maori Sea Perch off Indonesia. He estimates its weight between 11 and 13 pounds and used a Daiwa Saltiga Expedition 5500 reel with a handmade popper from a lure maker in Indonesia. Peter caught the fish near a shallow reef and it took about 10 minutes to bring the fish to the boat. At first, he thought it was a large red bass but was pleased to be wrong when he got a better look at the fish.

Finalist No. 4

red snapper in Gulf of Mexico
4 of 10 Courtesy Lew Hurlbert

Angler: Andrew Hurlbert
Species: Red Snapper
Location: Panama City, Florida


Lew Hurlbert sent Sport Fishing this photo of Andrew Hurlbert’s personal best red snapper, a 20.4-pound fish caught off St. Andrews Marina.

Finalist No. 5

bluefin tuna
5 of 10 Courtesy Tommy Pelto

Angler: Tommy Pelto
Species: Bluefin Tuna
Location: Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Tommy Pelto caught this bluefin tuna during the fall. Using spinning gear, he said, the fish put up quite a fight.

Finalist No. 6

6 of 10 Courtesy Raymond DeSimone

Angler: Robert Herold
Species: Dorado
Location: Costa Rica

Robert Herold and his friends recently fished out of Los Sueños Resort in Costa Rica. They caught 17 nice-sized dorado and one nice grouper, but this was the largest one the group caught. Raymond DeSimone sent in the photo of the fish, caught by Herold. It weighed exactly 40 pounds and transformed into the blue-color phase, as shown in the photo with DeSimone holding it.

Finalist No. 7

green bonito
7 of 10 Courtesy Sam Brown

Angler: Sam Brown
Species: Green Bonito
Location: Massachusetts

Sam Brown sent in this picture of him holding a green bonito he caught off the Massachusetts coast recently.

Finalist No. 8

redfish Louisiana
8 of 10 Courtesy John Williams

Angler: John Williams
Species: Redfish
Location: Louisiana

John Williams caught this 36-pound redfish with a soft plastic lure in about 1 foot of water. Capt. Lucas Williams spotted the fish 100 yards away.

Finalist No. 9

snook fishing in Belize
9 of 10 Courtesy Steve Davidson

Angler: Steve Davidson
Species: Snook
Location: Belize

Steve Davidson, with the help of guide Caesar Acosta, was fishing for tarpon in Belize but was surprised by this big snook. He released it and was unsure of its weight.

Finalist No. 10

10 of 10 Courtesy Brady Deans

Angler: Brady Deans
Species: Snook
Location: Sarasota Bay, Florida

Brady Deans caught this 44-inch snook while fishing with Capt. Griffin Deans of Slot Machine Fishing Charters out of Sarasota Bay.


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