Readers’ Catches Monthly Photo Contest for November

We're sharing some of our fans’ great photos showing catches of anglers all over the world in a monthly showcase — enjoy this month's photos, then send us yours for the next one!
catch photos
Below are Sport Fishing editors’ favorite catch photos for November. Courtesy Sport Fishing Readers

Share your great fish photos with our international audience of enthusiasts via Sport Fishing‘s Catch of the Month photo contest!

Simply share your faves via Facebook direct message or email to Each month’s top entries (as chosen by Sport Fishing editors) will be showcased at the beginning of the next month in a gallery like this, and one will receive a prize. Feel free to include with your images all the juicy details of the catch (we love to know anglers’ names, location, tackle, how the fight went, etc)!

(Note: Please don’t send photos of billfish, large sharks or tarpon being held in cockpits or on deck.)


Here are the top entries from November’s contest.

Monthly Winner

big tarpon
1 of 10 Courtesy Brian Jinks

Angler: Brian Jinks
Species: Tarpon
Location: Boca Grande, Florida

Brian Jinks caught this tarpon off Boca Grande, Florida, in 2011 during the crab run. His charter guide, Capt. Dave Markett, estimated the fish at 220 pounds. The impressive catch is our November contest winner.


Finalist No. 2

king salmon off Alaska
2 of 10 Courtesy Andy Mezirow

Anglers: Andy Mezirow and Liz Carr
Species: King Salmon
Location: Resurrection Bay, Alaska

Capt. Andy Mezirow led Liz Carr to this nice-sized king salmon in Alaska’s Resurrection Bay this August.

Finalist No. 3

tautog fishing off Rhode Island
3 of 10 Courtesy Ted Aubin

Angler: Ted Aubin
Species: Tautog
Location: Rhode Island


Ted Aubin shows off his tautog catch off Rhode Island the Friday after Thanksgiving.

Finalist No. 4

king salmon Pulaski, New York
4 of 10 Courtesy Troy Picard

Angler(s): Troy Picard
Species: King Salmon
Location: Pulaski, New York

Troy Picard sent Sport Fishing this photo of a king salmon caught in Salmon River, located in Pulaski, New York. He estimates the weight at 30 pounds, an impressive catch.


Finalist No. 5

wahoo fishing off Florida
5 of 10 Courtesy Anna Dower

Anglers: Bill Me Gamefishing Apparel team
Species: Wahoo
Location: Ponce Inlet, Florida

Anna Dower sent Sport Fishing this photo of the Bill Me Gamefishing Apparel team holding up a prized wahoo off Florida’s Ponce Inlet.

Finalist No. 6

bull redfish Virginia
6 of 10 Courtesy Erik Saylor

Angler: Erik Saylor
Species: Bull Redfish
Location: Virginia

Erik Saylor touted the spring and early fall red drum fishing off southeast Virginia where he recently caught this 59-inch fish in the Atlantic.

Finalist No. 7

Almaco Jack fishing in Colombia
7 of 10 Courtesy Fabio Resca

Angler: Fabio Resca
Species: Almaco Jack
Location: Colombia

Fishing off Baia Solano, a municipality in Colombia, Fabio Resca caught this almaco jack. He estimates it at 20 pounds and caught it vertical jigging in 200 feet of water.

Finalist No. 8

Great Amberjack
8 of 10 Courtesy Jabonan Roy

Angler: Jabonan Roy
Species: Greater Amberjack
Location: Mindanao, Philippines

Jabonan Roy was jigging off the western coast of Mindanao, an island in the Philippines, when he caught this great amberjack. He estimates it at around 22 pounds and noted the Philippines’ variety of game fish to catch.

Finalist No. 9

black drum fishing
9 of 10 Courtesy Tammy Hedspeth

Angler: Tammy Hedspeth
Species: Black Drum
Location: Virginia

Tammy Hedspeth, fishing with Capt. Sam Sellard, caught this 53-inch black drum off Virginia’s Eastern Shore in May 2017.

Finalist No. 10

bluefin tuna off France
10 of 10 Courtesy Jean-Francois Beck

Angler: Jean-Francois Beck
Species: Bluefin Tuna
Location: Fos sur Mer, France

Jean-Francois Beck landed a 170-pound tuna after a 45-minute fight. He made the catch in the Mediterranean Sea off Fos sur Mer, a commune in France.