5 Thrilling Mahi Videos

A compilation of exciting mahi videos from around the web

There is nothing quite like fighting the mighty mahi. The bright green, yellow and blue fish tugs and jumps like no other. It is one of the fastest-growing fish in the sea and can be found worldwide. The fish is referred to as a mahimahi in Hawaii, dolphinfish in the U.S., dorado in South America, wanna in Sri Lanka and many other names around the globe. Get a glimpse into their world in these five videos of mahi madness.

Big School of Mahi

Mahi are a pelagic species that can sometimes be found migrating in schools of hundreds or even thousands of fish. This video shows a school of small “peanuts” following one of their friends, who has been hooked. Mahi are commonly known to follow other hooked fish, and anglers often keep the hooked fish in the water to score an easy mahi bite.

Catching a Mahi from Shore

This angler was on his way to the airport in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, when he decided to stop at a local beach to take some casts. Surprisingly, he hooked onto a nice-size dorado. He was using 15-pound line and got spooled twice! Luckily, the knot connecting the line to the spool didn’t break, and after an hour, he caught and released the fish.


Mahimahi Off Guatemala

The team from Simms Fishing Products fly-fish for mahimahi.

Jigging for Mahi

A school of mahi off Singer Island, Florida, chases a jig until a fish is eventually hooked and reeled in.

Mahi Off Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is located off the southern tip of India which proves that these fish can be found around the world. The Sri Lankans refer to the fish as “wanna.”