Why to Use Microfiber Towels for Your Boat

They're great for wiping easy-to-scratch surfaces, like a multifunction display screen.

Don't use them as fish rags. They can help on more expensive surfaces.Jim Hendricks / Sport Fishing

Make it a habit of keeping three or four microfiber towels tucked away in a clean, dry spot aboard your boat, and avoid using them as fish rags. Microfiber towels are great for wiping down easy-to-scratch surfaces such as the screen of a multifunction display, sunglasses and an acrylic windshield.

They’re also ideal for cleaning optics such as camera lenses, binoculars and prescription glasses. Before you wipe down, make sure the surface is free of salt crystals and dirt that might act as an abrasive. If not, spritz lightly with a spray bottle filled with fresh water to loosen and rinse away any grit. Then wipe down and dry with your microfiber towel.