Venice Marsh Dieoff Caused by Insects

Louisiana scientists study alarming depletion of roseau cane

A lush bank of roseau cane serves as a common backdrop for images like this of an angler and healthy redfish. The Venice, Louisiana, marsh area, usually lush with such aquatic foliage, has experienced a recent dieoff. Cane that died this winter has failed to return, scientists say.Doug Olander

The Venice, Louisiana, marsh is under attack by an aphid-like insect, according to a news article published April 4. Since late fall, anglers and scientists have noticed an expanding dieoff of roseau cane. Some dieoff is normal, according to the article's sources. But when the cane failed to regrow by late winter/early spring, concern heightened.

Scientists are still trying to determine the exact species of bug that's affecting the cane. But anglers have raised alarm after seeing what could be thousands of acres of cane devastated. The wetland grass is vital to the region's unmatched fisheries.