Turn Seat on Walkaround into Cooler Rack

Instead of wasting space on a walkaround boat, carry extra ice with this cooler rack.

You can swap out the forward-facing seat on a walkaround boat for a cooler rack to carry extra ice.Jim Hendricks / Sport Fishing

The seat on the forward portion of a walkaround cuddy represents wasted space, in my opinion. It's comfy on a harbor cruise, but too bouncy while underway. So I swapped this seat on my boat for a cooler rack to carry extra ice. Each boat requires special ­engineering, but in my case, I removed the seat cushion, then cut a platform from a 24-by-27-inch sheet of ¾-inch Taco Marine plastic lumber (about $145). The platform rests on four through-bolted King Starboard legs made from 1-inch material. An Attwood cooler-mounting kit (about $15) prevents sliding, and a Yeti cooler tie-down strap kit (about $49) dogs it down. Now the cooler is out from underfoot but easy to access.