Top Terminal Tackle from ICAST 2015

The newest hooks, lures, jig heads and line from top manufacturers at ICAST 2015. Manufacturers are listed in alphabetical order.

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Alutecnos IGFA Tournament Line

Alutecnos IGFA-compliant monofilament line comes standard in a high-viz orange color and 30-, 50- and 80-pound classes. Zach Stovall

Daiwa J-Braid

New Daiwa J-Braid is an 8 carrier braid, made from 8 strands of tightly woven fibers for a perfectly round profile. Line colors include dark green, chartreuse and multi-color in line classes from 8 to 120 pounds. Zach Stovall

Daiwa SP Minnow

The Daiwa Salt Pro Minnow is a lipped casting bait designed for a fast, ripping retrieve that imparts a side-to-side swim action. Already, the bait’s caught on in the Northeast. Features include a weight transfer system, realistic scale pattern, 3D eyes and heavy-duty saltwater hooks. Sam Hudson


LIVETARGET’s Glass Minnow Walking Bait looks like a small school of minnows racing across the surface for survival. Features include a one-knock rattle, saltwater hardware, six clear water color patterns and two sizes.

Mustad Jig Heads

Mustad enters the saltwater jighead market with a host of jig options built from 2X strong UltraPoint jig hooks. Head options include bullet molds, darter styles, football shapes, stand-up designs, wacky heads and even jigs weighted on the shank for chumming yellowtail snapper. Sam Hudson

PowerPro Maxcuatro

Braided with new Spectra HT (High-Tenacity) fiber that’s 25-percent thinner than equivalent test pound braid, PowerPro introduced its new Maxcuatro fishing line. Four-end construction contributes to longer casting distance. Plus, PowerPro offers a high-vis yellow for saltwater use.

Rapala Shadow Rap

Rapala’s new Shadow Rap jerkbait combines a horizontal struggle with a vertical fade, perfectly mimicking a bait’s last moments, says the company.

Savage Gear Panic Prey

The Savage Gear Panic Prey casts long, walks along the surface, and features a front lip designed to spit some water like a popper. Even still, the Panic Prey’s allure is its side-to-side action. Sam Hudson

Savage Gear Hard Shrimp

The Savage Gear Hard Shrimp gives anglers durability and castability found in a hard-body lure, but offers leg and antenna action on the fall like Savage’s TPE Manic Shrimp. The Hard Shrimp won best hard lure at this year’s ICAST. Sam Hudson

Savage Gear Soft Vibe

Built from super-durable Thermoplastic Elastomer material, the TPE Savage Gear Soft Vibe gives anglers all the action of their favorite lipless crankbait without the noise. Sam Hudson

Shimano Pop Orca

Shimano’s Pop Orca was designed like a jet engine. Low pressure is turned into high pressure, and feeds water into a bubble chamber, when an angler works the plug. The Pop Orca is available in seven colors and two sizes. Zach Stovall
Storm says its new Arashi top walker lure was purpose-built to eliminate missed bites all too common with other topwater options. Available in both a 4 1/4- and 5 1/8-inch models and 10 colors. Check out a video of the lure. Sam Hudson

Trokar Boxer Jig

Originally only available at specific retailers, Trokar is now expanding its line of Boxer jigs to other shops and locations. The boxing glove jig heads feature a surgically sharpened hook, aggressive lead head with holographic eyes, and built-in bait keeper. Sam Hudson

Eagle Claw Trokar TK197 Primal

Trokar’s new TK197 Primal Circle takes the Lazer Sharp L197 hook and incorporates a super-sharp Trokar point. The Primal comes in sizes 2/0 to 7/0, with packs ranging from eight to 13 hooks. Sam Hudson

Z-Man HeroZ

The Z-Man HeroZ, rigged with a Headlockz HD jig, is a great cobia, striper or tuna soft bait. The 10-inch HeroZ is a super-soft jerkbait, built from 10X Tough ElaZtech construction, to handle the toughest fish. Sam Hudson

Z-Man Trout Trick

Looking more like a bass bait, the Z-Man Trout Trick is a worm-like soft bait that’s killer on speckled trout, says the company. The elongated slim tail and ribbed body pairs well with a Z-Man Trout Eye jig. Sam Hudson